The Importance of Niche Platforms

Many companies go the traditional route and have active pages on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms do have high traffic and huge audiences, however, the one way these companies can benefit from more businesses is making a niche platform. This type of social media platform will focus more on an audience that shares a common interest in your specific product. It may have low traffic and a smaller audience, but your return on investment can increase. I did some research on some popular niche platforms that have become very successful by standing out from their competitors.


The first company that uses a niche platform is SKIMS which was created by reality star and social media influencer, Kim Kardashian West. The company sells shapewear and undergarments that can fit any body type and skin tone. Her inspiration came from being frustrated with the lack of choices available that could not fulfill her standards for shapewear. The right support, shade of color, or coverage were some of the many reasons as to why she developed SKIMS. Now, she has a distinct audience that can relate to her struggles and finally purchase under garments and shapewear that fit them.

Fenty Beauty

The second company that uses a niche platform is Fenty Beauty which was created by singer-songwriter and philanthropist, Rihanna. After many of years of being fascinated with make-up, Rihanna not only wanted to make her own, but provide a line that includes everyone. Many makeup brands lack a variety of shaded and tones, that cause many to mix two colors to match their skin. Fortunately, Rihanna created her line and targeted it to that type of audience. Her company has grown in popularity so much that she has extended it to a skin care line and lingerie called Fenty Skin and Savage X Fenty.

Waze logo

The last company that uses a niche platform is the GPS application known as Waze. This app was founded in 2007 and was created to help drivers and riders get where they’re going — faster, smoother, safer, and happier — while working to beat traffic (Waze, 2020). It’s not your average maps application that takes you from point A to B, it actually gets you there in the safest and efficient way possible. Just some of the unique features it includes are tracking accidents and police nearby, construction hazards that may delay your drive, and roadside help if you need assistance. This application stands out from its competitors because it guides you to your destination while making sure you know your surroundings ahead at all times. Waze also just confirmed a new partnership with Amazon Music that allows you to play music with having to switch between applications.

As you can see, niche platforms are extremely in the growth of companies. If you know that the individuals on a given niche platform have an interest in something your brand offers, then it makes it easier to convert these individuals into customers (2019). Companies like SKIMS, Fenty Beauty, and Waze are great examples as to why a niche platform can benefit your social strategy.


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